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Davis Speed Center

Team Training Program


Dear Coach:


My name is Dave Davis, I'm the owner of Davis Speed Center.  For the last 13 years I've been helping local athletes get faster, stronger, and more conditioned.  Recently I have become a coach for my sons wrestling and baseball teams.  I have come to understand that coaching a sport takes a lot of time.  From planning practices, running practice, dealing with parents, there is a lot of time involved.  I fully see now why college's have full time strength coaches.  It makes it easier for coaches to focus on the skills and the strength coach to focus on athletic performance.


I would like to offer you a chance to take a little off your plate this year.  My specialty is in athletic performance.  I majored in Exercise and Sports Science and for the last 13 years of my life have done nothing but study, learn, and produce top notch strength and speed programs.  I would like to offer the option of taking care of your teams athletic performance programming.  


We have the staff and ability to work with over 20 athletes at one time and give specific attention to each athlete on your team.  Some of the benefits of letting us handle your programming are:


-Injury risk screening and prevention

-Custom programs based on each athletes needs

-All staff has college course on strength and conditioning


-charted progress of all athletes week to week

-Over 13 years of experience producing D1 and

proffessional level athletes





How we handle team training


We have 2 main ways that we have worked with teams in the past.  Either at your school or at our facility.


Your School:

Space is always an issue when trying to plan in school training.  Here is what we have done in the past.  We are fully insured with a 2 million liabilty policy that will name your school as additionally insured.


Before school workouts.:

We will set up 2-3 days before school and work the athletes in the morning.  This works great if there is open gym space and weight room space in the mornings before school starts.  Usually kids who are even in another sports can join in too.  Depending on the number of athletes this type of program usually is between $5-$10/athlete/session.  Most coaches we work with will present this option to the parents and the kids will all pay for their sessions.  So if we did 20 sessions the kids would all pay $100-$200 for the program.  


Our Facility:

We have a facility that can accomodate 50+ athletes easily.  We have a dedicated speed area, strength area, 2 indoor turf fields, and 2 basketball courts.  So there is a lot we can do spacewise.  We also have some very specialized equipment for the speed program that is nice to use with atheltes.


When teams set up training at our facility it is usually right after school or late evening hours.  3:30 is a great time slot for a lot of the local schools.  We also do 4:15 time slots too.  Otherwise we have 7:15 and 8:00 times available for those who do afterschool open gyms.  


Scheduling and pricing is very similar to the at school usually around $5-$10/athlete/session based on times and group size.  You can pick out the best 2-3 days for your team and we will take care of the rest.


Let us make it easy


We will make it really easy for you.  We will put together a flier that you can hand out to all our your athletes.  They will fillout the flier and mail to us, or they can register online too.  We can even come in and talk at a team meeting to meet the kids and give them more info on the program.  Once you decide what times will work best for your team we will handle the rest.  


You can check progress every week on your athletes.  You will be able to see attendance and weights the athletes are using every week.  







Re Who we have worked with:


Prairie Ridge State Championship Football Team 

Prairie Ridge State Championship Baseball Team

Marian Central Football Team Semi-Finals  

Crystal Lake Central Football Quarter Finals

Crystal Lake Central Basketball Regional Champions 

Crystal Lake Central Girls Basketball 

Carmel Baseball Team

Marian Baseball Team

MCC Baseball

Westminster Football

La Lumiere Basketball Team (Top 10 in the USA)


Get Started


(815) 546-7621

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