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Davis Speed Center offers the area's best and most successful athletic performance program.  No gimmicks and no wasting time.  We have been producing some of the top athletes in the area since 2003.  Our programs include:

Speed and Agility Training-

Our speed and agility program is a world class system that produces results.  This training system is unlike any other program you will see.  We use a systematic approach to determine athletes strength and weaknesses.  We then use a progression from close chain drills, to open chain drills, to chaotic motion with reaction.  Each drill is done for a specific purpose and the instruction athletes receive during the training is the difference between just doing a drill, and getting a benefit from the drill. 


- Explosive linear/ lateral speed 

- First step quickness 

- Deceleration/ agility 

- Force production

- Sport specific movement 

- Total body strength 

- Mobility 

Strength Training Program-

It's often said by experts that to be faster, you need to be stronger.  There is a lot of truth in this statement.  If athletes do not have proper strength to accelerate, it's hard to get faster by teaching technique alone.  Our strength program focuses on helping athletes achieve complete muscular balance.  Using multiple strengthening principles and executing proper technique we look to build our athletes from the ground up. Programs will be physically demanding and customized for each individual to guarantee success. 

- Re patterning movements 

- Total body strength

- General preparedness 

- Sport specific  

- Injury prevention 

How to Get Started-

Give us a call, text (815) 334-7380 or email dave@davisspeedcenter to set up an initial evaluation.


During the evaluation our training staff will run athletes through a battery of drills to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  We will also look for area's of concern for injury prevention.  After the eval we will have a good idea of the progression we need to take the athlete through.  Some athletes will be recommended to start with our speed program while others might be recommended to do a mix of speed and strength work with us.  During this time we will also answer all of your questions and concerns regarding the program.

Signing up-

Once we determine what program option is best for you, we will get you set up on our online software for easy scheduling.

Athletes typically encouraged to train 2 days per week with us.  

Programs Available-


Advanced Speed Program-

This program is for our most advanced athletes.  Typically older high school and college athletes.  In this program we focus on more open chain, chaotic, and reactive based drills to enhance athletes overall performance.

Advanced Strength Program-

This program is an almost must do for all athletes in the advanced speed program.  Since athletes at this level will have developed almost perfect mechanics, equal focus needs to be applied to the strength training athletes do.  Most of the time this strength work can be done in conjunction with athletes school lifting programs.  Some athletes who do not have school lifting programs will use this as their main source of strength training. 

Each of these sessions is a 60 minute time slot.  If doing both, athletes will train 1 1/2 hour sessions with us.


Intermediate Speed Program-

Generally athletes in this program are going to be Jr high -Freshman level.  This program really focuses on proper mechanics of running and body angles in change of direction movement.  More time is spend on closed chain drills to reinforce proper shin angles, body position, and hip movement.  This program is where athletes tend to see the most dramatic results due to rapidly increasing technique and body control.

Intermediate Strength Program-

About 50% of the atheltes we see in this level will benefit greatly from the strength portion.  Usually in this age it's either a technique or strength issue that is holding athletes back.  Those that don't have sufficient strength to control their body will need to improve in this area to see dramatic results in speed  work.  This program will focus on increasing athletes overall strength.  Our training staff takes great pride in perfecting athletes lifting form and getting results quickly.  Most athletes at this age will use as their main source of strength training. 

Athletes in this program will train 2 times per week for either a 60 minute session or do both programs for a 1 1/2 hour session.


Beginner Movement Class

This program is designed for our Grade School athletes.  It's set up to be a fun class that teaches young athletes how to move their body, improve running form, and get stronger.  We use a unique combination of fun games and teaching drills to help athletes stay engaged but improve their athletic ability.  Warning parents! Kids in this program have a hard time leaving.  They love the training and always want to come back for more.

Athletes in this program can train 1-2 times per week for a 45 minute sessions.


Program Options:

Monthly Membership (2 sessions per week)  $160/month

Monthly Speed and Strength Membership (2 speed 2 strength/week)  $280/month

Add on class (1 extra class per week) $20


Session Package

10 session package  $250

20 session package  $400

Family Discounts 

2nd Athlete 15% discount

3rd Athlete 25% discount

Private Sessions-


10 Sessions for $550

20 Sessions for $1000

Athletic Performance Program

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