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Have some questions?  We have answers!

What type of programs do you offer at the speed center?


Our most popular program is our speed and agility program.  The speed program focuses on helping athletes achieve greater athletic skills in speed development, footwork, agility, coordination, power, and core strength.  We also offer our strength and conditioning program. This program is for those athletes who are looking for help with gaining muscle, strength, endurance.  We also offer our Get Fit class that is for adults (or younger) looking to get in shape and maybe drop a few pounds.

What makes Davis Speed Center different from other speed & agility camps?  

Davis Speed Center programs were developed with years of science, research, and results.  Dave Davis who earned a degree in Exercise and Sports Science created the speed program our trainers use.  Davis’ experience working with professional, collegiate, and underclassman athletes has proven our results. Check out testimonials for proof.  All of our trainers go through demanding training to become Davis Speed Center speed coach certified.  Our programs and training comes from professional trainers who have studied the anatomy, physiology, and bio-mechanics of the human body in order to understand how to best coach and correct athletes skills.  Our staff is not made up of former professional athletes trying to use their name to build credibility.  In fact, we trained some of those professional athletes.




Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get started in a program? and how often should I come? 

The easiest way to get started is to call, text, or email us requesting to come in for a free evaluation. (815) 575-9142  Any program that you are interested in we will run through your current athletic/fitness levels and go over your goals. We are usually on the training floor so email or text will get you a faster reply than leaving a voicemail :)

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