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Looking to get faster, more agile, jump higher?  Look no further than the DSC Speed and Agility Program.  

Email or text us to set up a FREE Pre-test Evaluation.  Your first step in starting in our programs.  (815) 575-9142 or


Speed & Agility Program-

The Davis Speed Center speed and agility program has over a decade of results.  Our programs are specific to each athletes needs and goals.  


First Step- Athletes will complete a FREE PRE TEST evaluation to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  We will also discuss your goals and lay out a plan for you to accomplish them.


Second Step- Athletes will schedule into our speed training sessions and work their plan.  Their workouts will typically include running technique, speed drills, footwork, reaction, power drills, and some strength.


Third Step- Dominate your competition!



Athletes can expect to see:


.2 Second improvement in 40 yard time

3 inch increase in vertical jump


Athletes are encouraged to train 2 times per week on this program.




Speed & Agility Program-

Monthly Program  $160/month


Additional Class per week $20


Session Package

10 session package  $250

20 session package  $400


Family Discounts 

2nd Athlete 15% discount

3rd Athlete 25% discount

Speed Programs

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