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Davis Speed Center will be offering a plyo/strength program for all crystal lake Fusion volleyball players.  This type of training can make a big difference in your athletic ability and highly decrease your risk of getting injuries and overuse injuries (ie. jumpers knee, bursitis) during the season.


Dave Davis has assigned Head Strength Coach Kevin Brummond to work with Fusion players. Kevin, has a degree in sports studies with a concentration in exercise science and is a former competitive volleyball player, which gives our girls a great advantage in his knowlege of both strength/plyo/speed training and requirements for the volleyball player.


When: Monday night 6:30-7:00

            Tuesday night 7:00-7:30



Where: Davis Speed Center

            1310 Ridgefield Rd

            Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Cost: $200 for the season (minimum of 10 girls/night needed for this cost)



         Those who already paid the $120 for Dec will only owe $80.

You may pay by check, cc, or cash the first day.  To do a cc over the phone call (815) 575-9142.


Fusion Plyo/Strength Program

You are now registered for the fusion program.

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