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Free Trial Session

Do you want to help your child become the best athlete they can be?


Sign them up for a free trial session with Davis Speed Center.


Why Davis Speed Center?

     For over a decade DSC has helped local area athletes unlock their maximum potential.  See our list of past athletes as proof that our programs works.  


     Our training staff is made up of trainers who have college education in exercise and sports science.  You won't find any business or communication majors here.  Just a staff that has dedicated their life to becoming the best trainers they can be.  


What we do?

     In your childs first session our training staff will run them through a full class to let them get the feel of what the classes are like.  During that time our staff will also be evaluating your child to see what area's we will need to work on.  Classes will work on your childs overall athletic ability.  We focus on first step quickness, running technique, change of direction quickness, jumping, and overall strength.  


What you need to do?

     Use this link to "purchase" a free trial session.  Once that is done, you will be able to schedule your child into any of our classes on the schedule.  There are options for grade school, middle school, intermediate (which is high level middle school to lower level high school) and our advanced (upper level high school).  

     If you have any questions on how to schedule or just prefer to text first contact (815) 575-9142.


We look forward to having your child see results fast!


Click here to schedule your free trial session



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